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September 26, 2007


Michael Coghlan

Very interested Harriet. And good on you for getting this ball rolling. I'd be happy to read and maybe add to any drafts you come up with.

Louise Kelly

I think we are being arrogant as educators to not attempt to communicate with the 'yof' by trying new forms of communication. Myspace etc is obviously the method that they use and they cannot understand why we don't use it. It is burying our heads in the sand pretending and not aknowleging that things have changed and communication has evolved. I would like to be able to use myspace at work and also show some of the incredible videos available from youtube. It is crazy to block good resources, especially as the students in the know quickly pass around bypass codes and systmes to each other anyway. Keep up the battle Harriet!

Joseph De Araujo

Hi Harriet,
Did you get anywhere with this in your college/institute? I'm glad to say that after months of working with picasa & google video to broadcast videos our institute finally unblocked youtube. If you are still behind a firewall that doesn't seem to be coming down for youtube, you might want to look at using google video to host your videos. I can give you some pointers and links to tools, so give me a holler if you need help.

Harriet Wakelam

Hi Joseph, yes, things relaxed considerably and I know in NSW You Tube was recently unblocked - so I think significant changes are happening, and finally these tools are being seen as essential to teaching and learning - thanks for the support :)

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