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October 10, 2007


Alex Miller

I found this really interesting as well. A great doc. Have you seen the McGrindle research? More beautiful brochures with good info for us...


Hi Alex, thanks for the links - also had a look at your work re: You Tube and blocking - I have also had some progress, and have a much clearer idea of the main blocks. I'm about to post, and really appreciate your comments links so far :)

Thiago Lopes

I was reading your post about how web 2.0 is not ruining our culture.
For starters, i think that our current definition of knowledge is still very much based on the french illuminist period, something made by an aristocracy and aimed towards themselves, therefore the judging of wich sort of knowledge is valid and wich is not is based solely on burgeouis standards. I think we have never been closer to a trully social and democratic revolution, one made by real people, a revolution of shared knowledge and information, wich may result in a much more respectful society for all of us.


HI Thiago - I agree with you, however, I'm also not so sure that this is new - but rather a return to a more commonsense and instinctive approach to knowledge creation. I think human beings were born to collaborate, and I believe with our improved networking qualities adn new ways of engaging - it is this that will be revolutionary - thanks for your comments.

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