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May 04, 2008



I clicked on your link because I thought you'd have something to say about the technorati glitch on coComment but I digress...
What has been your experience with technorati so far? Mine is that everything works well on the Technorati end, and on the coComment end, but when they come together...not so well, in terms of syncing claimed blogs.

Harriet Wakelam

Hi Nancy - actually I wrote this before I found out that I had a huge issue with Technorati and coComment -
As yet I've been unable to link the two - I keep getting told that it can't find my post despite the fact that I've pinged the blog from Technorati - be grateful for any gems you glean. And btw - thanks for the comment :)

Cathy Nelson

So did you comment on my blog post about money and grant writing b/c the topic and your interest, o am I part of the 31 day comment challenge--an accomplishment ot a check on the list? Just kidding. Thanks for commenting on my post.

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