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October 26, 2009



It isn't a bad point. I think it leads us nicely into a path where we ask, "how much longer can we handle politicised Department of Treasury's?" Surely we have reached a point where the financial arm of government is as powerful as the judicial arm, and just as we have a separation of powers there, we need it between the policy makers and those who hand out the bucks - otherwise all the good decisions get rationalised to output-based funding models and risk management assessments.

I like the concept of more involvement in tax allocation at a micro level! Keep thinking on this. Please.


You know, my first reaction was to be a "naysayer". Breaking up govt expenditure at a micro level and getting some control over where tax money goes is a big issue, but the major blocker is getting through govt inertia.

Then I thought, if the data is there, the government has to listen. What if we create a site where taxpayers on a monthly basis clearly say what percentage of their tax they want allocated to what aspects of govt and civic works. And what is this data is out there, aggregated? The govt has to take notice. And it would be good fun to build the app and put it out there...

I think you have something here :-).

Also, your historical references to patronage is spot on. There was a similar patronage culture in India during the same time and this has given us magnificent temples, art and culture.


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