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May 23, 2010



Hi Harriet,
Welcome back ;-)

"dark spaces of the creative process."
...it's like a mini midlife crisis, isn't it?!

I think half baked ideas need convoluted conversations that writing is hard to capture.

Real-time conversations with friends help.

(Otherwise you're left with conversing with yourself in your mind? Hence... midlife crisis!)

Maybe it's the tools... ?


IMHO the network is the garden, lots of interesting pollination going on. But the plants need root systems to be able to draw in and prices the nutrients (unless they're air borne parasites) and if you expose the roots to the sun the plant will dry up and wither. At least I think that's what happens. I don't know, I spend all my time in front of computers.

Harriet Wakelam

Thanks for the comments.. - yes, that's funny, I hadn't thought of it as a 'mid-life'crisis' - I guess the definition of crisis is the need to move into something different...

Hi Stony - I like your metaphor of network as garden... I'd love to see networks having the tools to provide nutrients too though. I'm wondering if we've modelled them on what we know, instead of what we want!


o ah

Whether I'm absent or present,is up to me!

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